Hanksville, Utah Dinosaur Field Course Information: Summer 2011

Dr. Bonnan against the Morrison Formation near the Hanksville-Burpee quarry.
Dr. Bonnan against the Morrison Formation near the Hanksville-Burpee quarry.

Nearly 150 million years ago, a braided river system snaked its way southeast across what is now the Hanksville, Utah area.  Due to events that have yet to be unraveled, the bodies of giant sauropod dinosaurs and the predatory dinosaurs who feasted on these giant herbivores were washed into these ancient rivers and deposited as bony logjam in what are now colorful sandstones and siltstones.

Would you like to help solve the mystery of how these dinosaurs ended up in the sediments that now surround Hanksville, Utah?  Have you ever wanted to dig dinosaur bones in a scenic region of the American West with a real scientific team?  You can, and you can get college credit in the process!

Dr. Bonnan and Western Illinois University students will once again be partnering with the Burpee Museum of Natural History (Rockford, Illinois) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to continue the dinosaur excavation at the Hanksville-Burpee quarry.

To all who might be interested, the official registration information and informational meeting times and places are now available from the Study Abroad Office at Western Illinois UniversityFollow the Office of Study Abroad on Facebook.

See what students did last year: check out this news story and search Hanksville-Burpee and Utah 2010 on Dr. Bonnan’s Jurassic Journeys blog.

Contact Dr. Matt Bonnan directly on this blog or Jurassic Journeys if you have further questions.

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