Hard at work, even over break!


Resident feline, Phoenix, oversees Dr. W as she processes laser scans of Daubentonia madagascariensis, the aye-aye! The scans were taken last week at the Field Museum when Dr. W accompanied several FMEA students up for some research fun. Hopefully, students will be seeing this scan (and others) this upcoming semester in Dr. W’s ANTH 111 and 310 courses!

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2 Responses to Hard at work, even over break!

  1. I have to say, the pets are an anatomy “inspiration” around our house. Often when I’m preparing lectures on comparative anatomy, embryology, or vertebrate evolution, I will often watch our furry pets leaping, springing, sitting, eating, or just about any behavior that may be useful in getting across an anatomy lesson.

    However, I think Phoenix was simply using the monitor for warmth. =)

  2. I should also compliment Dr. White on her recent 3-D primate skull reconstruction. I’m sure she will share that awesome model with the blog soon.

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