WIU FMEA lab blog is departing … and Dr. Bonnan is evolving …

After years of running a website and managing two blogs (this one among them), I decided it was time to start fresh and consolidate everything I do into one, new digital domain: The Evolving Paleontologist.

First, I want to thank Heather McMeekan of Western Illinois University for getting me started in the blogosphere with Jurassic Journeys.  For the time being, you can still access the posts and pages here, although this site is now not unlike a fossil — it remains fixed “in stone” as it was.

Second, this site will be departing — I will now update student news and research at my new page, The Evolving Paleontologist.

Thanks to everyone who has followed or contributed to this blog, and I look forward to rejoining the blogosphere as the Evolving Paleontologist!

Dr. Matt

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